You control Bismo and Plom, who are connected by accident. They share a common mass and can shift it at any time. At the push of a button you change size and strength, affecting yourself and your partner.
The mechanic links you and forces you to cooperate and communicate.


In over 40 levels, you and a friend face challenging puzzles and different obstacles. For the more advanced players, additional objectives, secret areas and arena-based levels are included.
Please note that some of these levels will change during the Early Access phase of the game.

Play tru co-op™ and online

Shift Happens is a co-op game best enjoyed locally but also comes with an online multiplayer option, for those torn apart by distance.
Although the game is rather focused on cooperation with a friend, there is a singleplayer campaign as well. It features a second set of levels in which you take control over both characters, Bismo and Plom.
(Online only on PC, PS4 and Xbox One)


Shift Happens Screenshot
Shift Happens Screenshot
Shift Happens Screenshot
Shift Happens Screenshot
Shift Happens Screenshot
Shift Happens Screenshot

The Killer Bits Let's play

Talking about the main mechanic “shift”: Which is like the fucking best, because it is betrayal, it is fun and now we get to get to go in an elevator. [...]
– Killer Bits Tobi and Peter


Shift Happens could very well be the next big platformer.
– Kevin Dunsmore


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Shift Happens on Steam, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

The game is available on Steam (PC), Xbox One and Playstation 4 now, as well as on Nintendo Switch starting October 10th 2018.